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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea


With God's help, we aspire to know, live, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


in summary 

Love: We seek to be known by our love for each other, our neighbours and the world. 

Discernment: We claim the promises of the Bible that we are indwelled with the Counsellor who is active and imparts wisdom when asked. 

Servanthood: We seek to exemplify Christ's example in being a servant to each other, our community and the world. 

Gospel-based ministry: The Good News of Jesus informs every aspect of our church's ministry; to each other and the world around us. 

Relationship: We prioritize our relationship with Christ, intentionally seeking to further develop this. 

Building community: Though we are imperfect and broken, we strive to respect one another and be authentic in relationships with each other. 

Developing and empowering leaders: As Christ poured into the development of the disciples, so too we prioritize the development of each other in all ways.



We live to be transformed by Jesus Christ who makes every encounter count.

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