Meet The Team


Dave Van Roon


Senior Pastor


Boller, Manfred-cropped.jpg

Manfred Boller

Connecting Pastor

Manfred is passionate about connecting people. Connecting people with God, the church, and one another. Two of his favored pastimes are visiting over a “good” cup of coffee and reading. Manfred met his wife Shannon at Providence College and Seminary. They have three awesome kids. A picture Manfred has for the church is the image of a puzzle, each one of us is a vital piece for the picture to be complete, each person can find a place of connection and belonging in God’s body. 


Debbie Smeaton

Worship Coordinator

Debbie works with a team of music and media artists to develop worship services that are authentic, sacred, and life-changing. In her spare time, she loves connecting with family and friends, being outside, reading, and creating fun.

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