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The Beginnings and Beyond

In the late 1910’s, Camrose, Alberta, was home to a teacher training institute. A Camrose resident who was affectionately known as “Mother Sarah Monroe” hosted female students in her home. Mother Monroe carried a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of these ladies, so she began a bible study for them, using written materials published by the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). In the 1930’s, when Alberta Bible Institute moved to Camrose, an informal fellowship began meeting for worship in its library facility. A church was born there, and in the 1950’s the first pastor was called to serve the congregation.

We are a church, coming from something called the Holiness Movement (key words to search on wikipedia: Wesleyan, Arminian, Anabaptist, Free-church, Protestant). We are part of a global family of 7,300 churches with 23 of those congregations here in western Canada.  Deer Valley Meadows, a retreat center near Alix, Alberta is part of that family.

You will find a great diversity of convictions and practices within the Church of God. Though we have differences, we share a common story of faith, growing together into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). We worship and serve as citizens of God’s Kingdom. We celebrate our life in Christ and accept our call to be the body of Christ together for the sake of this world—all to the glory of God.

We believe strongly in the work of God's Spirit in the church and in the lives of individuals to:
    -make us aware of our need for change and transformation
    -convince us that we are loved and accepted, forgiven of  all wrongs
    -give us new life
    -help us to understand and apply the teachings of the Bible
    -make us more like Jesus in character
    -give us giftings and abilities for service

The church actively supports career missionaries in Uganda, Malawi, and Guam.  Camrose Church of God is a partner with NeighbourAid Camrose, an interchurch coalition which provides care to persons in need of food, clothing, and other life essentials.

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